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Heir of Calvandrian

David and Robert grew up thinking that Calvandrian was a land of fairy tales.  Neither of them knew that Robert was the heir to the throne, living in exile, on Earth.  When thirteen-year-old Robert was abducted from his home on earth, his parents couldn’t tell anyone who the real abductors were.  They knew it was the work of Varlusk, the man that had betrayed the king and taken over Calvandrian.  Four years later, when the beasts, sent by Varlusk, returned for the now thirteen-year-old David, he couldn’t leave his father to fight them alone.  During the fight, he ascended to the throne of Calvandrian.  Now, with the possibility of his brother being dead, he has to return to Calvandrian in order to try to win back the throne.  Robert struggles with his identity under the mind control of Varlusk, and when his family shows up, in Calvandrian, he doesn’t know what to believe.  David struggles as he comes to grips with being the King and is the last hope of a struggling kingdom.

Available on Amazon for purchase of Hardback, Paperback and via Kindle and Kindle unlimited. Heir of Calvandrian:
9798860708662: Chapman, Mark Owen: Books